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지역 사람들이 지루한 일상을 이야기 하는 강연자로 지원 할 수 있게 무대 세트 디자인 실기실을 강의장으로 변형했다.

We transfer set design studio to lecture theatre in order to recruit local people as a lecturer at Wimbledon College of Art. 

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관람객이 많은 작가들의 이야기를 듣기 위해선 잠시 휴식 할 공간도 필요합니다. 

그들을 위해 지금은 은퇴해 시간이 상대적으로 많은 빈센트와 협업으로 아르스 카페라는 평범하지만 조금 특별한 공간을 만들어 봅니다.


In order to see many art works, spectators seem to need to take a rest. Thus, we made special cafe called ars with retired artist Vincent. 

Hello Vincent Van Gogh? It is an honour to meet you.

Who are you?

My name is Minwook An. I am the CEO of an artistic company called ars. Please call me Minuk.


What is a CEO? I do not know what you mean by CEO. What do you do?

Do you trade or grow crops?


I am an artist, running an art company.


Are you an artist? How come I have never heard of your name or your company before..

Are you a painter?


I used to paint but not so much now.


What? What do you mean by you used to paint?


Well...that is not important. The reason I wanted to see you in person is to ask for your permission to use one of your paintings as an inspiration to my work. I would like to build a cafe called Cafe Terrace at Night, based on your painting.

Minuk! It is my work and no one has ever copied my work. If I were you, I would not do that. Why would you copy my painting?

Stupid! How can you call yourself an artist when you copy other artist's work?

Do you not have your own ideas? It is as bad as stealing!


It is going to take too long to explain everything to you right now. But what I can tell you is that you are one of the greatest artists in western art history and it will be a significant opportunity to work with you. You were my inspiration to become an artist and role model since I was little. 

Let me explain the hidden meaning behind my work. I have been planning to build an artistic cafe in co-operation with other artists, but they seemed to be too busy with their own work.

So... I was searching for a retired artist who has time to work with me and I found you! At Chelsea college of art and design, there is a perfect spot for me to build a cafe.

I want to bring your painting into the real world, just like you  put the cafe you loved into your own painting. It will base on your painting, but my canvas will be the nature and I just have to add few structures to it. Everything else will all be there, sky, breeze and stars, just like your work but in a bigger frame.


Mmm..That does sound interesting. May I have a look at your work before we carry on this conversation?


Of course you can. This way please.




A Conversation with Vincent Van Gogh at ars in 2012

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